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Mr A Davies - National Grid, Wolverhampton

Bi-folding Speedgate

Product Description

Our Bi-folding Speedgate requires no ground track or height-restricting overhead box and is most commonly used in locations where the speed of opening and closing is an important factor.  Suitable for underground car parks and restricted building entrances, yet fast enough for Police, Ambulance and Fire Stations.  

Designed and manufactured to a specification that is fully compliant with the latest British and European Health and Safety standards. The gate design is based on years of experience and attention to detail with innovation to ensure built-in quality and reliability. 


Range Summary

The Speed gate concept is fully adaptable to meet the height, width and finish requirements of any individual project. The standard means of drive is electrical but hydraulic and pneumatic options are possible.

•Single Bi-folding leaf up to 4.5 metre

• Dual Bi-folding leaf up to 9 metre

• Hi-speed operation of 5-6 seconds

Gate control options

Include free entry/exit loop, intercom, push button, digital keypad, card reader, token reader, or radio transmitter.