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School Fence

February 5, 2016 • Posted in Fencing • Posted by no comments

Through bitter experience last Friday I saw first-hand the consequences of a poorly maintained school fence.Bad repair to School Fence  My son, while playing tig in the playground, tripped and went head first into the school perimeter fence.  Unfortunately, the fence has defects and he cut his head open on impact, so I apologise to everyone who eagerly awaits my weekly blog, I was in A & E waiting for my son’s head to be glued!

This incident has prompted me to reiterate to everyone the importance of safety.  The fencing around schools should be on the priority list of items you ensure are always fit for purpose and meet UK Health and Safety requirements. A poor DIY job is not recommended when children’s safety is at stake, you should always get the professionals in.  At points throughout the playtime in some schools there are 180 children or more on the playground, and if some of the dinner staff are busy seeing to a child indoors there could be a little as two adults to the all those children.  We all know children need to be able to run around and blow off steam and even if you had more adults on the playground accidents will still happen, but by conducting regular health and safety checks on things like fencing and play equipment you can help to reduce the risks of Hole in the headinjury if a child was to fall.

The HSE have a useful newsletter with tips on how to reduce slips and trips. …Read the full post!

Affordable Zero carbon Housing

January 15, 2016 • Posted in Fencing, Housing, playground • Posted by no comments

There has been an exciting announcement for people wishing to get onto the property ladder in the construction news today.  China’s TR900 Bow Top (2)largest building firm has agreed a £1.1bn deal with a UK energy firm to build thousands of Zero carbon affordable homes across the UK.  So what better to focus this week’s blog on but the different affordable fencing solutions designed to complement any housing site especially when those houses are being built with the focus of “Affordable and zero carbon”.  Everyone wishes to be as Eco-friendly as possible these days and Darfen are no different!  They supply and fix a product called TangoRail throughout the UK.  TangoRail is manufactured in the UK and is considered to reduce the carbon footprint and designed with the environment in mind, the system is pre-galvanised and non-welded meaning less energy is consumed in the manufacturing process.  …Read the full post!

Erecting / installing Heras temporary fencing

January 8, 2016 • Posted in Fencing, Temporary fencing • Posted by no comments

The start of the new year see many new sites starting fresh projects.  The first sign that work’s are about to commence on site is Bad installation 2installing Heras Readyfence temporary fencing.  Heras Readyfence is the UK’s leading temporary site hoarding system and is the recognised name for quality products in Europe.  Erecting temporary fencing is a quick and painless task if done correctly, but here lies the problem!  Because it looks so simple, anyone thinks they can install it but this can include cutting key corners to a professional installation procedure, like the example of a bad installation in the photo where another installer had poorly installed temporary fencing meaning the customer then came direct to Heras Readyfence for expert advise and installation. If the procedures are not followed as in the Heras Readyfence installation manual then the cheapest/ quickest way to secure your site may not even stand up, Literally!!!

If you are not going to hire the professionals,  like Darfen Durafencing to install your temporary fencing for you, then Heras Readyfence provide a detailed installation guide for safety and security, Heras Readyfence can also provide detailed site specific wind loading calculations to advise on stability concerns for those site susceptible to high winds, a concern regarding stability for any Health and Safety Officer and highlighted in many news stories regarding dangerous construction sites.  …Read the full post!

Noisy Christmas

December 11, 2015 • Posted in Acoustic Barrier • Posted by no comments

The start of the noisy Christmas starts tomorrow with the X Factor final singing competition when we shall find out who will be crowded winner out of Louisa Johnson, Che Chesterman and Reggie N Bollie!  Whether you are stopping in watching the X Factor or going to your works Christmas party your ears are bound to encounter Loud sounds. We have often discussed the issue of Industrial deafness due to the industry we are in, we make sure that when working on or with equipment that has been identified as harmful to your ears due to the decibels, we wear ear protection.  However when we are getting ready for the works Christmas party, noise does not feature on the list of priority’s / concerns, it’s more things like who’s looking after the kids or what to wear, Ear defenders unfortunately don’t feature on any current fashion lists.   Nightclubs, discos and bars have average sound levels ranging from 104 to 112 dB; pop concerts are often higher and when your ears are subjected to this noise it can lead to hearing problems such as Tinnitus. …Read the full post!

Christmas Countdown

December 4, 2015 • Posted in Christmas, defence, Fencing • Posted by no comments

The Christmas countdown has well and truly begun and here at Darfen we want everyone to have a great Christmas and New Year without worry about their work premises being invaded by reprobates!  To enjoy your countdown and achieve peace of mind over the holidays you need an excellent Intrusion Detection System in place.  Intrusion prevention is your first line of defence and as such needs to be of a high standard.  Darfen Durafencing provide not just a fence but a sophisticated intelligent security system, one that alerts you to an intruder even if they are not climbing or trying to attack the fence line but trying to tunnel / dig under it! …Read the full post!

Black Friday

November 27, 2015 • Posted in Customer service, Fencing • Posted by no comments

So far the biggest day of the retail year has been more subdued than the chaotic scenes in retail stores last year.  Asda who were one of the companies that brought “Black Friday” over to the UK decided against taking part and risking upsetting their regular customers as black_fridaythe thought of trying to fight your way through crowds to do your weekly shop would put anyone off!  Instead Asda has knocked 4p a litre off unleaded petrol for three days so the price is now below £1 for the first time since 2009, a clever move buy Asda as now they will still entice customers but without the customer risking becoming crushed in an in-store shopping frenzy!  Online seems to be the preferred route to purchase this Black Friday, with online shoppers expected to spend £1bn in a single day for the first time, increased online spending however can provoke criminals wishing to carry out cybercrime!  …Read the full post!