Through bitter experience last Friday I saw first-hand the consequences of a poorly maintained school fence.Bad repair to School Fence  My son, while playing tig in the playground, tripped and went head first into the school perimeter fence.  Unfortunately, the fence has defects and he cut his head open on impact, so I apologise to everyone who eagerly awaits my weekly blog, I was in A & E waiting for my son’s head to be glued!

This incident has prompted me to reiterate to everyone the importance of safety.  The fencing around schools should be on the priority list of items you ensure are always fit for purpose and meet UK Health and Safety requirements. A poor DIY job is not recommended when children’s safety is at stake, you should always get the professionals in.  At points throughout the playtime in some schools there are 180 children or more on the playground, and if some of the dinner staff are busy seeing to a child indoors there could be a little as two adults to the all those children.  We all know children need to be able to run around and blow off steam and even if you had more adults on the playground accidents will still happen, but by conducting regular health and safety checks on things like fencing and play equipment you can help to reduce the risks of Hole in the headinjury if a child was to fall.

The HSE have a useful newsletter with tips on how to reduce slips and trips.

A fence which is ideally suited to the school environment is the TangoRail TR800, which can be easily adjusted on site to follow the playground contours and at the same time it has no head neck of finger traps and conforms to RoSPA guild lines.

Another fencing system ideally suited to be a School Fence is The Apollo Rolled Top mesh fencing.  This has rolled top and bottom panels, ensuring there are no protruding sharp edges, yet remains aesthetically pleasing to all environments.  The panels remain rigid and have good see through visibility making the systems ideal for School Playgrounds, Parks, and recreational environments.

We all want to send our children to school reassured that they are safe while in the school’s care.   A ‘Secured by Design’ approved fencing system, such at Zenith Security Mesh, which has matching access control gates that can be operated a number of ways, including via intercom or digital keypad, is an excellent choice that was approved by the Home Office as their security mesh for prisons, and is now increasingly used in other applications like schools.

Half term is nearly upon us and this is the ideal time to check your fence line and call Darfen Durafencing to replace any damaged fencing.

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Sera Serfozo


I have worked for Darfen Durafencing since 1999 starting as a Sales Assistant in the Steelhoard division working my way up to Office Manager. Then in 2011 worked within the Marketing department and I am now delighted to take up the position of Account Manager for Main Contractors.