"My relationship with Darfen has been very good indeed....I would certainly always recommend them to my governors, should further needs arise"
Mr F Lambert - St Andrews RC Junior & Infants School, Solihull

In-ground Readyhoard Hoarding

Learn more about In-ground Readyhoard Hoarding from Darfen

Discover the advantages of In-ground Readyhoard Hoarding solutions supplied and installed by Darfen to protect the perimeter of any work site requiring temporary fencing.

This temporary fencing hoarding is an ideal solution to protect the public and to keep your workforce, and site safe and secure, In-ground Readyhoard Hoarding provides a professional appearance and company image to any location.

In-ground Readyhoard Hoarding is a semi-permanent steel hoarding system. Box profile panels are combined with scaffold poles and HDK couplers (scaff to hoard) to ensure your site is safe and secure.


Range Summary

2000mm (H) x 2100mm (W).

Standard 0.5mm or heavy duty 0.7mm thick sheets.

All panels available in galvanised or painted.Temporary Fencing: Darfen Steelhoard


Additional Extras

Standard coupler.

Anti-tamper Coupler.

Ground skirt galvanised or painted.

Privacy infill galvanised or painted.

Standard or bespoke pedestrian and vehicle gates galvanised or painted.


Common Applications

·         Construction site perimeters

·         Builders' compounds

·         Temporary sports ground enclosures

·         Music festivals and special events

·         Any site needing temporary security 

In-ground Readyhoard