We are very pleased with the Steelhoard system and we'll be back in touch for more! We like the fact that the product is truly temporary as the poles are fixed into spigots and don't have to be concreted into the ground

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Zenith Double Skin Security Mesh Fencing

The Zenith Double Skin Security Mesh Fencing system is fully conformed to CPNI Specification

This system takes two standard Zenith mesh panels and welds them together with one been turned 90 degrees. The result is an extremely secure, tight mesh configuration and a highly robust panel that is very resistant to attack. The mesh apertures are so small that nothing significant can be passed through them, there are no gaps that can serve as climbing aids, an anti-climb system there are no finger or toe holds.

Also available with a Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) Zenith Double Skin SensorFence Mesh Fencing System.


Range Summary

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Common Applications

Maximum security



Any sensitive facilities