Zenith Security Mesh Fencing

The Zenith Security Mesh Fencing system originally used as the Home Office approved security mesh for prison fencing, this welded security mesh system is now being increasingly selected for high security applications in other sectors.

The 4mm thick wires are tightly configured anti-climb mesh for maximum attack deterrence with no finger or toe holds, while retaining good visibility through the fence.

The Zenith 358 Mesh Fencing System is an approved 'Secured By Design' security system.

At a height of 3m the Zenith 358 Mesh Panel is an approved CPNI system.

Additional security toppings are available for the Zenith Security Mesh Fencing System and Zenith SensorFence Security Mesh Fencing.


Range Summary

Heights: 1800 mm to 5200 mm as standard.
Finishes: Galvanised and colour coated

Common Applications

  • High security
  • MOD
  • Airports
  • Any sensitive facilities
Secured by Design (SBD) Zenith anti-climb mesh fencing